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Business Water Quotes

Quickly Compare Water Prices

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    Business Water Quotes

    The benefits of a water audit

    Our team of experts will search your water billing history to discover where we can save you money on your commercial water price. Our team will do all the hard work to find the most efficient solution for your business.

    Business Water Quotes

    Saving money on your water bill

    Around 1:3 businesses have been overcharged and thanks to our supplier relationships and market experience, we can see if these charges have been applied to you. We can also help with bill validation and new contracts. If there is an opportunity to save your money – our team will find it!

    Business Water Quotes

    Switching water suppliers

    You don’t have to automatically sign up to your regional water supplier. There are other deals available from other business water suppliers that could save you money. If you are looking to save money AND benefit from a personalised service that fits your business requirements, get in touch now.

    Business Water Quotes

    Personalised service

    Every business is different which is why we take pride in tailoring our services to suit your requirements. With years of experience behind us we can save money on your commercial water supply. You don’t have to bother combing through the complicated water markets – our water experts do that for you.

    Quickly Compare Business Water Rates

    Pay a lot less for business water rates

    Our business exists to allow your business to save money on business water rates and business utilities.

    Large or small business?

    Whether your business is in the public or private sector we are determined to help save money on your water bills. SMEs will benefit from the same personalised service as our larger business clients and we offer dedicated specialists who are assigned to searching water rates that fit the requirements of your specific business.

    Why work with us?

    We are committed to outstanding customer service. Our water rate specialists have worked across a variety of business sectors with companies large and small and boast unrivalled knowledge of the UK water and utility markets. Saving you money on your business water rates is at the core of everything we do.

    How can we help you save money?

    Just get in touch and organise a water audit to look at how you can start saving money on your business water bills. It takes no time at all to complete our quick form and business water rates comparison of numerous business water providers and thanks to our leading standing in the utility market we can give you the best prices for your business water rates UK.

    It’s all part of the service!

    Advice and information

    Business Water

    Thanks to our unrivalled knowledge in the water sector, we like to share our advice, hints and tips with customers. For example, did you know that taking regular water meter readings are just as beneficial as taking regular gas and energy meter readings? If you don’t provide actual readings, your water bill is based on estimated use. Providing regular meter readings means you can:

    Save more now
    • Spot water leaks early
    • Help reduce financial pressure
    • Review water usage & make any change
    • Save money

    For further hints and tips about water and utility usage

    Save money on all your business utilities

    We are well-known for saving businesses money on their commercial water rates and we can also help save you money on your gas and electricity too.

    Our years of experience in the utility sector has allowed us to build solid connections with the UK’s leading gas and energy providers. We boast premium status with many utility suppliers which means we can pass on more savings to any customer that works with us to switch their gas and electricity provider. We have made switching to a new utility provider quick, simple and easy – all you have to do is complete a form and let us do all the hard work for you.

    Save more now

    Compare Business water

    Saving your business money on its business water charges is what we do. Our bespoke services will find the most competitive quotes for business water and our team of experts will do all the leg work to search the business water market which mean you don’t have to worry about a thing. Just get in touch today and you will see just how simple it is to save money on your business water supply.

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    Business water essentials FAQs

    We are experts in the business utility market and specialists in the water utility market. We have dedicated water specialists who have experience across businesses large and small across a wide variety of business sectors. We have a great reputation within the utility market and with our numerous customers for unrivalled customer service AND saving you money. In fact, we are so confident that we can save your business money on its water rates that we will pay you £1,000 if we can’t beat your renewal quote.

    At the moment only businesses in England and Scotland are able to switch their water supplier and only commercial customers can switch to one of the Ofwat regulated companies in the sector.

    Very easy and as 1:3 companies have been overcharged by their water provider it makes sense to let us carry out the relevant research on your past water charges and audit your bills to see if this applies to you. The good news is that if it does, we can arrange to have any overcharges reimbursed to you. All you need to do is complete a quick form in a few seconds and we can start the process for you. has made the process of switching water suppliers really simple. Just complete a quick form which allows us to compare rates from a range of water suppliers and our team will be in touch to discuss your business requirements and find the best deal that suits you. Whether you are an SME or an LSE our water switching teams will provide a personalised service that will not only provide a cost-effective price for your water but we will also be with you every step of the way as you switch providers.

    Switching your business water provider with will save your business ££££. We will check that you have not been overcharged by your water provider and if you have, we will arrange for these charges to be reimbursed. Our water experts will also find you the best deal for your commercial water charges going forward and so reduce your business overheads.

    When it comes to switching to a new water provider do all the hard work for you. We will discuss your business needs and then search the market for the most cost effective water provider. Once we have agreed the best deal on your behalf our team takes care of all the paperwork – there is no hassle for you. In addition, we will repeat the process once this new contract comes to an end so that you will always have the best quote on your business water.

    We need just four pieces of information from you – your name, business name, phone number and postcode. It’s that easy to start saving money on commercial water charges.

    Customer service is at the heart of what we do and we appreciate that everyone has their preferred way to deal with us. You can complete a short online form, you can give us a ring and talk to one of our experts or you can use the web chatbox. It’s whatever works for you.

    Should you have any cause to complain about any element of our service, get in touch by phone or email and outline your concerns – we hope to rectify your issue at this point. If that is not possible and we need to make further investigations we will do so and come back to you within 7 working days.

    is renowned for saving businesses money on their water charges, but yes, we can also offer similar savings on business gas and electricity bills too. Just get in touch and ask our team about switching your gas and electricity overheads to save money.

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