19 April 2021

Time to get better commercial water prices

Whatever sector your business operates in chances are that you need water. Whether you are a small independent shop that uses water for the staff kitchen and bathroom, a hotel that relies on water for your guests, staff and facilities, or a major manufacturer that uses gallons of water in your processes water is immensely valuable to making your business work. We often take water for granted here in the UK, after all we have plenty of it, but nevertheless water charges represent a business outlay and just like any other utility, commercial water charges and usage should be reviewed on a regular basis.

Reducing business water usage

If you want to help save water in your business, it’s important to know how much water you are actually using and then look at ways to reduce business water usage. Your staff will have a key role to play here and so educate and inform them on best practices.

In an industrial business, you will need specialist advice if you want to look at saving water otherwise you could successfully reduce water usage but at the cost to the quality of your goods.

Review your business water contract

Don’t assume that a water utility company won’t discuss chances to your contract – they could be just as motivated as you. Look at your monthly fee and ask if you could pay a lower monthly fee but have a higher overuse charge running alongside it. This would encourage less water use in your business and also be seen as useful by your water provider.

Of course, it always helps if you have some knowledge of the way the water industry is managed and if you understand your bill so that you can start negotiating on an equal footing. Asking a business water expert like Businesswaterquotes.co.uk to negotiate on your behalf is probably the best way forward.

We have teams of experts who have worked alongside SMEs and larger enterprises to negotiate cheaper business water rates. It’s what we do every day and we are confident that we can find better rates for your business water supply.

Comparing business water rates

There are many business water providers operating across England and Scotland and their tariffs can differ quite considerably. Thankfully, you can source your business water from any supplier and so our teams will search the water market on your behalf to find the best water contract for your business and help you switch business water. This is by far the best way to save money and reduce your outlay on your commercial water supply.

It is estimated that two third of British businesses are overpaying on their business water rates – you could be one of them. Working with us means we can identify any overcharges and help you get them reimbursed as well as setting you up with the best commercial water contact for your business going forward.

Your utility expert

Businesswaterquotes.co.uk is as our name implies a leading broker in the water utility industry, but we can also help you reduce your gas and electricity bills too. We have a range of experts working across the main utility markets who are happy to find your business the best contract for you. Utilities are a considerable business overhead and so if you can find cheaper prices, why wouldn’t you? Get in touch today to find out how easy it is to switch water, gas and electricity providers.

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