You know how important it is to take control of your business gas and electricity usage, but many businesses are still forgetting about the value of taking control of their water usage. Your business could be throwing money down the drain or flushing money down the toilet – quite literally. Your business water and waste water charges are overheads that you need to take control of and one of the first ways to do this is by having a business water audit. carry out water audits every day on businesses just like yours. We have clients large and small in all sectors and in the majority of cases we are able to highlight inefficiencies in their water system as well as finding out if they are paying over the odds for their business water rates. Having a professional on your side who understands how the business water industry works – and understanding all the water jargon – means we can negotiate cheaper water rates on your behalf.

A water audit is the beginning of your journey to save money on your business water charges and start saving the amount of water used. Helping to stop excessive expenditure on water costs and water consumption will allow you to have more profit for your company as well as adding to your environmental credentials.

If you have never heard of a business water audit before or are not sure if a business water audit can help you, then this article will explain everything you need to know to help you make a decision about having a business water audit.

First thing first – are you complying with the law?

As you know deregulation of the water industry means that businesses in England and Scotland can source their business water from any supplier. However, you may not know that some of these water providers are providing water illegally as they don’t have an official water validation certificate. While you may be sourcing water from them in all good faith, you could still find yourself in trouble with the law.

The first thing a water audit will check is that your supplier has all the necessary certification required by UK regulations. Obviously is we do uncover anything that does not look as it should, our first job will be find you an alternative supplier that does meet regulations.

Save money on your business water charges

Every business want to save money on their utility charges and a business water audit will identify whether you are paying more than you need to on your business water rates. Being able to shop around water suppliers to find the most efficient business tariff for you is a job for the experts. We know our way around the water sector, we understand the jargon and we can see from looking at past bills whether by switching to another water provider we can save you real hard cash.

Whether you are a public-sector organisation, an SME or a large industrial firm, our teams work with companies across every sector and we know what the best rate should be – a business water audit will compare prices on business water rates to find the one for you.

We will not only advise if switching your water provider will save your business money but we can also let you know if you are among the one in three businesses that have been paying more than they should for their business water fees. If you have been over-charged, then we will help you get these monies repaid.

It is quite common for water providers to over-charge, overestimate based on rateable values, duplicate invoices and have your business on the wrong tariff and it takes an expert to spot these common errors, that’s why a water audit is so important.

Save water and the planet

As well as saving money on your business water rates, our team will also be able to advise on your water usage and provide useful ideas to save water – which in itself will lower your business water costs.

A water meter is usually recommended so that your business is paying for water used rather than estimated and it will help you see just how much water your business is going through and identify areas where this can be reduced. Thanks to our water audit we can make sure you get the relevant sized meter for your business and, of course, armed with this new knowledge, your business is better placed to make important commercial decisions.

Water is a precious resource, even here in Britain and a water audit will be something to shout about on your website and in your annual report and accounts as it demonstrates your commitment to sustainability issues.

Saving money, saving water and understanding your businesses water charges and usage are just some of the benefits of having a business water audit. It’s a simple process and easy to arrange and so get in touch today to find out what we can do for you with a business water audit from

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